The Linde Group (Munich, Germany; and Evonik Industries AG (Essen, Germany; have concluded an exclusive cooperation agreement on the use of membranes for natural gas processing. The two companies will jointly promote

membrane technology

In this hybrid helium-recovery process, hollow-fiber membrane units concentrate a crude gas stream that is subsequently fed to a pressure-swing adsorption process, which purifies the stream to 99.999% helium
Linde Engineering

membrane technology – Evonik on the membrane and polymer side and Linde’s Engineering Division as the system integrator for the complete membrane package units. Evonik’s established membrane technology will serve as the basis. The joint product will be marketed by Linde as the “HISELECT powered by Evonik” high-performance membrane package unit.

Tobias Keller, head of the Adsorption and Membrane Plants Product Line of Linde’s Engineering Division, says: “We’re delighted to be extending our successful collaboration with Evonik to the important gas separation market of natural gas processing. HISELECT™ membranes are opening up new and innovative options in gas separation, especially in combination with our other established processes. With this, we’re consolidating our position as the world’s leading company for gas separation technologies as well as suppliers of complete separation packages.”

At the heart of the collaboration lies Evonik’s polymer-based membrane technology. The specialty chemicals company has developed this technology further for the area of natural gas and has recently commercialized it. It is the key component in Linde’s new HISELECT™ membrane, which the technology group will market globally in complete membrane package units for onshore gas separation and upgrading plants.

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