Research on water regeneration technologies and risk management for reuse

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The main objective of the Regireu project, within the framework of the 2016 RIS3CAT call and the 2014-2020 FEDER Operational Program of Catalonia, is to develop innovative and competitive technology worldwide that will overcome the main technological barriers that limit the implementation of the regeneration of urban and industrial wastewater for subsequent reuse. The regional project must allow generating new knowledge necessary to develop technology that provides competitive advantages over current technology and position the

Global Gas Separation Membranes Market Share and Outlook by 2023

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Gas Separation Membranes Industry research report features the active exploration of the commonplace that enables to check at the potential requirement in addition to predict the precise executions. The growth ratio that’s anticipated because of this logical analysis offers detailed advice of this global Gas Separation Membranes market. The drivers and restrictions have been constructed after a profound comprehension of the worldwide Gas Separation Membranes economy’s efficiency. The analysis is composed of a blend of

Graphene makes its mark on gas separation

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Graphene Flagship researchers overcame the theoretical limiting performance of membranes in gas separation. This collaborative research from Graphene Flagship partners CNR, University of Bologna and Graphene-XT has potential applications in hydrogen purification and carbon capture and storage. Polymer-based membranes for gas separation have a trade-off between high gas permeability and high gas selectivity, the so-called Robeson upper bound. By combining individual graphene oxide sheets with polymer spacers, in a sandwich style structure, Graphene Flagship researchers
The Linde Group (Munich, Germany; and Evonik Industries AG (Essen, Germany; have concluded an exclusive cooperation agreement on the use of membranes for natural gas processing. The two companies will jointly promote membrane technology In this hybrid helium-recovery process, hollow-fiber membrane units concentrate a crude gas stream that is subsequently fed to a pressure-swing adsorption process, which purifies the stream to 99.999% helium Linde Engineering membrane technology – Evonik on the membrane and
The Global Separation Membranes Industry report delivers en executive-level blueprint of the Separation Membranes market that will help clients to build strategies to expand their market operations. The report on the Global Separation Membranes market is an in- depth study that covers all the aspects of the industry. Extensive primary and secondary research has been used to carefully prepare this report. In addition to this, the report features insights from industry experts. Correlation, regression, and