We have an extensive background in successfully implemented projects in various industrial sectors
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Industrial Projects

Filtration unit of hydrolyzed effluents

Vertical wall for purification of residual water

Microplastics separation unit

Electrooxidation unit for wastewater treatment

Membrane bioreactor

DAF Unit

Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor

Sludge Treatment Unit

Solar Foto Electro Fenton

Solar Foto Electro Fenton

Electrocoagulation Electroflotation Cell

Wastewater Pilot Plant

R&D Projects


Research into innovative technologies to efficiently and economically store ER surplus through their use in existing industrial processes for the production of renewable fuels


Solutions enabling the regeneration of urban and industrial wastewater for subsequent reuse providing competitive advantages over current technology and position the water sector in Catalonia among the main global suppliers of technology for the regeneration of wastewater.

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Development of new generations of micro and nanoparticles of cellulose for use in strategic industrial products for obtaining nanocelluloses that will pave the way for the manufacture of a wide range of innovative products made with a renewable raw material, such as eucalyptus, to replace petroleum-derived materials and plastics.
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Demonstrate a sustainable water management approach in high water demanding industries, such as the EU automotive industry, by decreasing the emission of pollutants from industry. This preserves the quality of natural water bodies and by the exploitation of alternative water sources preserves the quantity of natural drinking water resources.

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Design, build up and demonstrate an innovative and sustainable technology based on a new approach for urban solid waste (USW), while treating urban wastewater and integrate in a pilot plant what nowadays is considered as two independent waste management systems into a unique process.
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Research on technologies applied to the treatment of industrial wastewater and the re-evaluation of waste generated by the different treatments. Hidroquimia was responsible for studies of artificial wetland treatment, of advanced oxidation, biosorbents as well as anaerobic digestions.

Develop a new eco-efficient model for the treatment of water from the metal and plastic surfaces processing industry. Hidroquimia was responsible for the integration of technologies and for the validation of the pilot plant.
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Development of a membrane system for the desalination of seawater that does not have organic buffering and chemical precipitation. Hidroquimia was responsible for the integration of technologies and validation of the pilot plant.​
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Development of technologies to recycle and recover certain waste streams with great potential and that their recovery is not feasible at the moment, transforming them into economically viable resources. Hidroquimia was responsible for the design and construction of the pilot plant recovery nutrients and for the validation of the pilot plant.
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Overcome the barriers that stop the widespread adoption of reuse of water in different sectors. Hidroquimia was repsonsible of the design and the construction of the MBR prototype as well as for the operation of the system.