Research into hybrid storage technologies and predictive models to transform industries into offshore renewable energy management points


The main mission of the REGENERA project is to research innovative technologies to efficiently and economically harness the surpluses of ER by mitigating their use in existing industrial processes for the production of renewable fuels. Here it is divided into two blocks that will offer flexibility to the industry for energy emmagatzematge. On the one hand, P2G technologies will be investigated that allow the recovery of industrial waste and the production of renewable fuels (H2 and CH4) by mitigating the stationary emmagatzematge of ER surpluses. From another band, we will investigate a process of energy optimization to work in periods of surpluses of ERO low prices of electricity. Això permetrà: i) reduce the cost d’emmagatzematge d’excedents d’ER by 33%; ii) reduce the production cost of renewable fuels (H2 and CH4) by 35%; iii) promote the decarbonization of industries by 25%. Resulting in an increase in the competitiveness of the industrial fabric.


This project has been financed with funds from the recovery plan for Europe NextGenerationEU and is part of the R&D State Program “Misiones Ciencia e Innovación” – Centro Tecnológico de Desarrollo Industrial (CDTI).