Products and Services

Technical studies and consultancy for the treatment and management of water:

Preparation of preliminary projects, basic projects, constructive and as-built, and administrative procedure for legalization. Public and private financing systems are assessed. Execution and refurbishment of industrial sewage treatment plants.

Technical assistance, operation and maintenance of industrial waste water treatment plants:

Operation acknowledgment. Periodic visits of supervision and operation. Supply and management of reagent consumption. Remote monitoring of the installation. Preventive maintenance of electromechanical equipment.

Development and validation of innovative technologies

in water treatment processes in R + D + i projects. Performance of tests at bench/pilot scale. Such studies may be linked to the subsequent implementation or reform of an industrial plant. We have experience in advanced oxidation, filtration, adsorption and electrocoagulation systems.

Water analytical services

Self-control of industrial wastewater. Characterization of wastewater for further management. Process water analytics. The analytics are certified by the Authorized Agency (Agència Catalana de l’Aigua)

Other services

Depending on the evolution of the market or the opportunities identified
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